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Why getting married in Georgia is good option for Canadian immigration.


Canada is a popular choice for many couples seeking a higher quality of life. Many expats find it difficult to leave because of the stunning environment, diversified culture, and friendly residents.

Given the numerous restrictions in the UAE and many other GCC countries; many couples look to migrating to Canada. For individuals wishing to start a family in a new country, Canada is the ideal destination.

In this article; we shed light on the laws and why getting married in Georgia is ideal for couples looking to move to Canada.

Canadian Immigration laws

The choices for bringing someone to Canada as your legally recognized spouse are limited for couples who have never lived together. Only a legally recognized marriage in which both of you were physically present is a possibility.

If you and your partner; are living in Dubai or any other GCC countries; you must be aware of the complications when it comes to marrying there. Many couples have opted for other solutions like traveling to destinations such as Georgia or even getting married online. However if you wish to move to Canada; getting married online wont be ideal.

Why a virtual marriage is not an option for Canada

Prior to 2015, Canada permitted marriages done online in when one or both spouses were not physically present for immigration purposes. The only stipulation was that the marriage be legally recognized in the country in which it occurred.

The Canadian government, on the other hand, no longer recognizes this. The prohibition of online marriage was made primarily to address women’s vulnerability in the immigration predicament.

“The nature of proxy, telephone, fax, Internet and other similar forms of marriage can help to facilitate forced marriages because one or both spouses are not physically present, making it more difficult to determine that they consent to the marriage.” 

Canadian government, 2020

What makes Georgia the ideal destination to marry

Unlike most countries; where couples of different nationality or religion struggle to get married; Georgia make sit easy. Anyone who is 18 years old, has the necessary papers, and wishes to marry in Georgia is legally capable of doing so.

Georgia does not place restrictions on civil marriage based on nationality or religious beliefs. Moreover; the marriage certificates issued in Georgia has international validity allowing couples to sponsor their partner.

To conclude

If you are currently living in Dubai, and have any plans of moving to Canada in the years ahead; keep an open mind about other wedding destinations. While getting married virtually; would make immigration difficult; you can always opt for Georgia.

Still confused about the Canadian immigration process and your wedding plans; book a call with our legal wedding experts

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