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Easy Marriage Georgia: What is this Georgian Wedding?


Georgian Wedding is the official ceremony that helps couples to make their bond official. There are two ways for getting married in Georgia including a civil marriage in court or a traditional Georgian wedding that follows Georgian customs & traditions.

The difference between a civil and religious Easy Marriage Georgia

Religious & custom Georgian weddings

Traditionally, the Georgian wedding has three stages:

  1. Machankloba, which is the initial marriage proposal. This is the tradition of matchmaking. It involves family members and friends who assist in arranged meetings to match prospective couples.
  1. Nishnoba, which is the engagement. This is the stage where the couple exchanges rings to each other as a symbol of commitment. This stage marks the couple as fiance & fiancee.  
  1. Betrothal and Kortsili – this is the custom that symbolizes marriage in the eyes of god.

Most weddings in Georgia have some strict rules such as if you are invited to a wedding and you refuse to attend, it is considered highly offensive to the couple and can even cause a feud amongst family members. The number of people at the wedding is quite large, starting from at least a hundred people from the side of the bride and groom each.

Although today parents frequently do not recommend or advise the boy or girl on their partner or even suggest one for them as it used to be.  Still, the family does play a significant part in their marriage.  Marriage must be approved by family and relatives. Both families are equally responsible in taking the initiative to find out as much as possible about their potential relatives. Only then they give consent to the marriage proposal. When all formalities are observed there comes time for a betrothal ceremony after which they are considered as being married in the eyes of god. 

Religious (Christian Wedding) Easy Marriage Georgia


In a religious Georgian wedding, the couple has to get married in church among family and friends. This religious ritual signifies that the couple is married in the eyes of god (Jesus).  A civil Georgian marriage on the other hand is a simple, hassle free procedure that allows couples to legalize their wedding in court. 

Georgian civil wedding 

A civil marriage is simply one where the marriage ceremony has a Georgian government or civil official performing the ceremony in court. It takes place without any religious affiliation and meets the legal requirements of the state or location of the wedding. You can find the legal document requirements of a Georgian civil marriage here. When compared with the other forms of legal marriage, this is the quickest, simplest and the most cost efficient way to make your better half and yourself official.

Final Word on Easy Marriage Georgia: What is this Georgian Wedding?

Whether civil or religious marriage, you now have a better idea about the available marriage options in Georgia. Know someone who wants to get married in Georgia? Share this article with them or even recommend it to someone who is looking for a quick & easy way to get themselves official.

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