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Do couples review Seychelles better than Georgia ? Lets find out


One of life’s most important events is a wedding. Getting married in Seychelles or Georgia is one of the most beautiful ways to have a memorable wedding ceremony.

When one is looking out wedding destination to review; most couples look for location, climate, cost and easy paperwork. Let’s find out how these countries stand out.

Wedding in Georgia reviews

Most couples that have married in Georgia; have only the most excellent things to say about getting married here. Forums like Trip Advisor give you a better insight into have a wedding here.

Georgia is known to have very prominent seasons unlike Seychelles which is tropical throughout the year. We are almost at the end of October; prepping up for winter weddings. This means couples can expect nothing less than match made in Winter Wonderland.

And let’s not forget one can get married in Georgia in just one day with just the passport as a proof of identification. Just 3 hours away from most GCC countries; this destination is nothing less than perfect.

Seychelles Wedding reviews

The reviews of a wedding in Seychelles has always been great. If you are looking for a quiet environment, vibrant wildlife, and breathtaking natural beauty; this is the place for you.

Exquisite resorts and lodges are located on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Your wedding stay will be entirely unforgettable. The extra bonus is delivering romantic moments and culinary pleasures in a natural setting.

The warm welcome of the residents, as well as the breathtaking environment with its seemingly endless beaches, will make you feel absolutely at home.

To make your trip to the Seychelles even easier, you can enter the border without a visa for wedding ceremonies, and you’ll be given a visitor’s card when you leave. And finally the icing on the cake; is easy documentation requirement provided by the embassy for foreigners.

Final verdict on choosing between on Seychelles or Georgia for your big day

While Georgia offers winter weddings that are hugely popular from Dec-March; Seychelles is tropical throughout the year. However if you are comparing the hospitality or the turn around time for paperwork and documentation; they both are equally fast.

Planning a winter wedding in Georgia or a tropical wedding in Seychelles; book a call with our team of experts. We promise to walk with you in the snow and when the suns out 🙂

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