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Can foreigners have their wedding in Georgia?


Yes, and they should. If you think about all the possible reasons to get married, and you put everything into consideration, there would be no better option for anyone aside from Georgia. If you need a marriage certificate as soon as possible, Georgia can provide it in a day. You want a destination wedding with breathtaking photos, Georgia is one of the most beautiful places on Earth with a huge variety of landscapes. So, let’s learn how to marry in Georgia.

Why can foreigners get married in Georgia?

Under the constitution of the Republic of Georgia for Law on the Legal Status of Foreigners, it states that all foreigners have the same rights, liberties and duties as citizens of Georgia unless different established by existing legislation. This means that even as a foreigner in Georgia, you can exercise your rights which includes the right of Marriage and Family relations stated on Chapter 2 Article 16. Marriage and family relations. And what if you two are of a different nationality? Still doesn’t matter!

What are the advantages of a wedding in Georgia?

Mainly, the benefit of getting married in Georgia is that the country is part of the Hague Apostille Convention. The Hague Apostille Convention is an international agreement between the participating countries which states that a document that is legalized in one country is also recognized by countries that are also members. Getting married in Georgia means that as a foreigner, your marriage certificate will also be recognized as legal. Do note that this would require an additional process.

Another benefit would be the documentations needed for the marriage. It is very minimal, you would only be needing you and your partners passport to proceed with the marriage. Provided of course that you were both single at the time. Even if you fall under special situations such as a previous marriage, it is also quite easy to proceed with a new one provided the additional requirements are met. I would argue that marrying in your own embassy would require tons and tons of paperwork just to proceed whereas in Georgia the documents are quite minimal.

Aside from the bureaucracy, Georgia as a country is breathtakingly beautiful. Places such as Tbilisi, Batumi and Telavi. You can have a wedding by the beach. Even a wedding by the mountains. Whatever you want your aesthetic to be, Georgia can provide for your wedding. Make sure to go through our legal checklist before you start planning! It helps. And just to make sure you chose the best solution you can also read about requirements for foreigners getting married in Dubai here. As you can expect it’s not nearly as easy as it it in Georgia.

If you are going to plan for a destination wedding, there would be no better place than in Georgia. As a foreigner in that country, you will have the same rights as their citizens which makes it easy to apply for marriage. Also, the beautiful cities and sceneries can make your wedding be memorable and your honeymoon unforgettable.

Where would be the best place to go on a destination wedding?

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