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Best place to get married in Georgia

The Best Places To Get Married in Georgia

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The city of Georgia is a cherished location for marriage by many expats. There are so many reasons why people value this country. Georgia has tolerant marriage laws that people from all nationalities can access. It also has beautiful locations for marriage.

Georgian laws do not restrain couples of different religious faiths from getting married. Also, individuals of varying nationalities can have a civil marriage in the country. Most importantly, the documents required are few. This article examines the best places to get married in Georgia and the basic requirements.


A handful of essential papers are required for marriage in Georgia. It is a relief to note that these documents are easy to get. Top on the list of vital documents are:

  • Passports
  • Birth Certificates
  • The correctly completed marriage application form
  • Divorce and Death certificates (if applicable)

These documents are not difficult to get. Certification, authentication, and legalization can also be done swiftly. Many couples complete the process in two weeks. Now, we will examine some ideal places for marriage in Georgia.

The three best places to get married in Georgia

Georgian cities are homes to many mountains, vineyards, hotels, and religious edifices. Let us consider three of these beautiful locations.

  1. Tbilisi: This is the capital of Georgia and it has many mountains, magnificent Eastern Orthodox churches, vineyards, and many other unique sites. These captivating sceneries will enhance the mood of your wedding and make it a very memorable occasion.
  2. Sighnaghi: Located in Kakheti, this town has many stories of brave men and women who made great sacrifices for love. Little wonder it has been a remarkable destination for weddings. Most importantly, the Marriage House is situated here so it is pretty easy to conclude the official and ceremonial aspects of the marriage.
  3. Mtskheta: This is another good town that is just about 20 km from the main city of Tbilisi. Many monuments and monasteries are located here so Christian couples can access religious houses for their big day.

Recommendations for couples who seek good marriage destinations in Georgia

Couples who wish to marry in Georgia have numerous exciting places where they can marry. The above are just a few of the fascinating options. It is a relief to know that Georgia can help you bypass the stringent marital conditions of other nations. Still, the couple does not miss out on the great backgrounds and captivating locations.

Over the years, Georgia has been a great host to many momentous weddings. Yours can also be on the list. Whether you prefer outdoor or indoor occasions, rest assured that Georgia has a lot of settings that will cater to your unique needs.

Are you a prospective couple who would like to explore the natural settings in Georgia? If you desire to know more about the required documentation and the best places for marriage in Georgia, reach out to our team of experts who will attend to your queries.

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