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Should You Marry In Georgia Or Seychelles | Marry In Georgia or Seychelles

Marry in Georgia or Seychelles: Should you marry in Georgia or Seychelles?

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Is Georgia better than Seychelles when it comes to your wedding? Find out whether you should marry in Georgia or Seychelles.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding with a nice beach behind you, nice sunsets and sea Seychelles could be a good option.

When should you choose Georgia over Seychelles for your wedding?

 If for whatever reason you are looking for a cheap, fast and reliable option, Georgia is the best option. It is the best option because the flights are cheaper and faster for most of the GCC countries. The list of the requested documents is much shorter. The total cost including the flight, accommodation, the wedding certificate will be much less. And it is pretty straightforward.

So is Georgia better than Seychelles? Yes. If you’re looking for a simple, fast and cheap option to get married.

What are the other benefits of getting married in Georgia?

  • Georgia is also visa-free.

Seychelles is a visa free country and so is Georgia! So you won’t need to worry about entering the country. All the UAE residents are safe to enter it and even if you don’t have a UAE resident visa, there are over 60 countries that can enter Georgia without visa.

  • Beach access

If you are still not sure that you can choose Georgia over Seychelles just because you wanted to have a nice beach wedding – we have some good news for you. Georgia does have quite a few incredible beaches.

Concluding Marry in Georgia or Seychelles: Should you marry in Georgia or Seychelles?

The city of Batumi and a few other towns around it are located right at the Black sea coast. It is the same sea that Turkey has from its northern side. And beaches there are incredibly beautiful. Add the Georgian mountains on the background and there it is, the perfect wedding photoshoot spot.

Still convinced that Seychelles are better for your wedding? Tell us why in comments and we will try to prove you otherwise!

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