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Love from the North to the South, how a Moroccan Man Married a Brazilian Girl!

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Today we are talking about the love story of a couple that started in Qatar. The couple decided to get married but they couldn’t because of the complex requirements and a long wedding process. This article states how it was not possible for the couple to get married in the GCC and how it became possible. Keep on reading to find out about today’s fascinating love story.

Background and Couple’s Profile

It all started when a Brazilian girl with Christianity as her religion fell in love with a Moroccan Muslim guy. Both of them were living in Qatar and had a dream to relocate to Canada. Moreover, they wanted to get married before that to make up a happy family. It all seemed ideal until the couple had to go through an unwanted and one of the most difficult times of their lives.

Their Trouble

As mentioned, the wedding process in Qatar is one of the most difficult ones that require extensive paperwork. It became even more difficult as both of them had different religions. Additionally, both of them had no plans to change their respective religions as well. So, with that situation even the respective embassies of the couple left them in the middle of the pacific and there was literally no one to rescue them. One more thing happened that none of us had even planned for; the global pandemic that closed their door to travel to Canada. So, the couple had to change their plan to travel to Brazil. But it was still just a plan as there was nothing the couple could practically do.

As you can see, it was a pretty messed up and twisted situation. They were at the brink of losing the ropes and then as their last try they contacted us. And it all turned out to be something beyond the expectations of the couple. They got married in no time and they were back home in Qatar within two days with their marriage certificate.

How Was This Possible?

When the couple contacted us, our team of experts studied their case thoroughly. It allowed us to understand the exact requirements that the couple needed to validate their marriage in their home countries by avoiding all the hassle in the future especially for the groom as Muslim. It only took two days for the lovebirds to get married in Georgia. Within that time the couple had already returned to Qatar from Georgia with their authorized marriage certificate.

Our team also got the validation from the Brazilian embassy in the middle of COVID-19 and lockdown. It allowed us to get permission for the couple to travel to Brazil as a family.

Last but not least, our team stayed in contact with them even after they started living a happy life together because we value our respected customers and provide full support even after the successful completion of the wedding process.

Final Word on Love from the North to the South, how a Moroccan Man Married a Brazilian Girl

The couple had to face no trouble because of their different religions and they got married without getting into any hassle. It was all possible because of the right choice of the team and support. That’s why we recommend you only opt for a local company that offers full support when you need to avoid headaches.

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