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How To Get Married In Georgia With Easy Wedding Georgia? | Going to tie the knot in Georgia? Let us tell you how it's done

How to easily get married in Georgia with Easy Wedding Georgia?

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Hello my name is Flo. I’m the Co-founder of Easy Wedding Georgia, helping people between Dubai & Tbilisi to get married. We’re supporting dozens of people around the GCC to be legally married in Georgia.

So we are going to answer three questions, you may be asking yourself. 

  • Why do I need to get a wedding certificate if I live in the GCC?
  • Why is Georgia one of the best options for getting married?
  • And how to get married?

Before we jump into question please take a look at this legal checklist to have a clear vision.

Question 1: Why do you need to get married if you live in GCC?

So the first question is pretty simple. 

If you live together in the GCC you know that the law is the Sharia law. It means that it is forbidden for you to live as a couple without being married. It is also forbidden to have a child without being married.

So if you’re looking to make your union official, if you’re planning to move in together as a couple, and if you’re planning to have a baby you will need a wedding certificate. 

Question 2: Why is Georgia one of the best options for getting married if you are a GCC resident?

When you want to get a wedding certificate, you are going to realize that living in the GCC, the chance your partner is of a different religion or from another country is usually pretty high. 

And because the chances are high, the process and the steps of getting married through your embassy will be usually pretty hard. It will be hard in terms of documents, time, authorizations and all the administrative hassle you may have to go through. 

And when you look at this, Georgia is offering some cheap, fast & reliable options to get married

So if you want to live with your partner, if you want to have kids or if you want to move in together, you will need a wedding certificate. So looking at all of it, Georgia is a fast, cheap & reliable option.

Question 3: How to get married in Georgia living in GCC?

One of the options Georgia gives you today is to get married over the weekend. 

You could fly to Georgia on a Friday and leave on Saturday having your wedding certificate with you. It is technically a bit more difficult and we invite you to contact us to get all the information.

All we can tell you is that to get married in Georgia you will need your passport and the support of Easy Wedding Georgia. Just with your passport, we can help you to get officially married. Check the packages for some extra inspiration!

Do you have any other questions? Or maybe you want to book one of the free consultations with us? Drop a comment below and we will be more than happy to help you.

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