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How can Oman residents have an easy wedding in Georgia

How can Oman residents have an easy wedding in Georgia

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If you are an expat living in Oman and are struggling to find your way to get married through the system, you may want to continue reading on. We have done all the research for you, so you can sit back and enjoy your big day. 

The Struggles of Getting Married in Oman 

As a Muslim country Oman does not offer an ideal setting for foreigners to get married. This leads to most expats turning to their home countries for their special day due to a great deals of hurdles and restrictions. These complications are however, are not limited to expats of different faiths and cultures. Muslim Omani residents are equally affected especially if one partner is not an Omani resident. If one does manage to somehow overcome these hurdles, the choice of venue then shows up as major roadblock.

Solutions for easy wedding Oman for residents to get married

To ease the frustration created by this long and tedious process, we suggest taking your big day to the gorgeous country of Georgia. Georgia is a perfect destination wedding spot for its scenic venues and ridiculously easy marriage laws to make it more magical. 

How to get married in Georgia in 4 simple steps:

  • Valid documents of identity (e.g. passport) 
  • Witnesses (at least two are required by the government) 
  • Registration fee 
  • A written application by both the bride & groom to be filled on spot  
  • Further proof of termination of any previous marriage may be required in case of a second marriage.

The documents can be submitted at any community center or wedding houses as well as the public service hall.  

Final Verdict on why Oman residents must consider Georgia for an easy wedding

Getting married in Georgia is easy and truly magical. It could be your solution to having your dream wedding. In Georgia, you do not have to be a resident or a citizen to get married and start your new life. 

Don’t forget to start your preparations early so you can make the most of your destination wedding in the midst of the enchanting European green lands and beaches. 

Still confused about how to have an easy wedding in Georgia as an Oman resident? Book a call with our team to find out more. 

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