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Find the best expat wedding packages

Find the best expat wedding packages

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Hiring a wedding planner may make the process easier and more enjoyable, whether you are both overworked; overwhelmed by the volume of selections you must make, or simply think a professional can sort through the options better than you. It requires a lot of time to plan a wedding. The planning process for a wedding takes a lot of time, from booking vendors to choosing every last detail of the decor. Fortunately, the bride and groom don’t have to carry anything by themselves. You can choose from some of the greatest expat wedding packages with Easy Wedding for your special day. These aren’t only inexpensive; they’re also enchanting and dreamy!

Expat wedding packages in Dubai

Dubai is fast overtaking other locations for weddings. This city has a lot to offer in terms of opulent events thanks to its abundance of five-star hotels. Dubai is an affluent city that attracts a lot of young couples and offers a variety of unique locations for wedding celebrations. With our professional wedding planning and décor services, we help make your ideal wedding a reality so you can sit back, unwind, and concentrate on creating lasting memories with your loved ones. We can handle everything for you, from organizing a straightforward paperwork marriage (civil court marriage Abu Dhabi) to a lovely Nikah ceremony. For those of our clients who wish to go above and beyond to express their love, we provide our premium wedding package.

Packages in Georgia

Georgia is a really sensuous place to get married or go on a honeymoon. Most GCC nations may be reached within a few hours. There are numerous unique resorts and wonderful historical places that cater to newlyweds and give plenty of seclusion and romantic activities to satisfy devoted couples. Georgia is the ideal spot for a destination wedding due to its unspoiled beauty and surprisingly reasonable packages. We provide a variety of solutions to fit different budgets to assist you in creating the ideal big day! These include saying your vows by a lake, in the highlands, or even in Tbilisi or Mtskheta, two historic cities. Our crew is only here to fulfill your desires, so your ceremony can be as small or as large as you like.

Packages in Seychelles

Seychelles is surrounded by azure waters and has stunning scenery and fantastic hotels. The stunning beaches in Seychelles are ideal for your fantasy wedding. In addition to providing the most beautiful backdrop for your wedding, Seychelles makes wedding planning surprisingly affordable and simple. Because attractive Seychelles is home to the singular Vallee de Mai, which some consider being the original “Garden of Eden,” these beautiful islands are frequently referred to as the “Islands of Love.” The Easy Wedding staff will handle every aspect of organizing your enchanted and exotic beach wedding. Take your vows under the stunning Seychelles sunsets and begin your honeymoon right immediately.

Expat marriage packages for an online wedding

An interracial or interfaith couple will have a very tough time having a lovely wedding in the Gulf. The majority of the time, your separate embassies will be the only places where you can register your marriage. The process of getting married in the Middle East is challenging, even if you share the same religion. The law typically demands you to provide a ton of paperwork. The time it takes to authenticate and confirm these documents can make the wedding planning process seem like an eternity. An internet wedding can be the best choice for you if you’re an expat living in one of the GCC nations. Depending on where you or your spouse lives, different documentation may be needed for online marriage. This will be a procedure that if one of you lives in a nation where marriage rules are lax, this process will be simple.


Georgia’s weather is very regular because of its warm winters and picturesque landscapes including woods, mountains, and beaches. Hiring a wedding planner is an excellent choice if you want to hasten the process of becoming married. A wedding planner can frequently help you stay on schedule and make the most of your budget. Wedding planners are pros at controlling your spending, haggling over costs, and offering guidance on important financial choices. Only if the marriage agency provides pre-defined bargains and bundles does it get better. This is especially helpful for working couples who don’t have enough time to devote to organizing their weddings. Our staff is available to assist you no matter the kind of marriage you dream of. Our team can help you plan a straightforward paperwork marriage, or a sophisticated Nikah ceremony.

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