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Do-Uae-Residents-Need-A-Visa-To-Georgia | Planning to get married in Georgia?

Do UAE residents need a visa to Georgia?

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Georgia is a stunning country and one of the most desirable travel destinations in 2020. Easy visa regulation is one of the many reasons for the popularity of Georgia.

The country is especially popular among GCC residents due to the short flight and very reasonable prices. Moreover, Georgia does not impose any restrictions on two people of different nationality when it comes to getting married. But how easy is it to get into the country?

What does the law say about visas for the UAE residents?

The official sources state that all UAE residents can travel to the country of Georgia without a previously obtained visa for a period of 90 days. They will be granted an entry stamp at the airport upon their arrival. It is a relief for many UAE residents as the interest in visiting and especially in getting married in Georgia is growing among them. 

However it is highly advised by the Georgian government to meet the following requirements:

– return ticket

– insurance

– the UAE resident permit should be at least 6 months old and should be valid for at least six months since the travel date.

What  happens in real life when the UAE residents fly to Georgia?

Like in most of the good stories there is “but” coming after the good part. In 2018 a high number of tourists of certain nationalities were not allowed to enter Georgia despite having valid UAE resident visas. The travelers were simply deported back to the UAE with the nearest flight without proper explanation. Most of them were holders of Pakistani, Indian, Syrian, and Bangladeshi passports. Along with return tickets, hotel booking, and insurances. Such wicked discrimination has been interrogated by the UAE officials however the Georgian government has never released an official statement about the case, claiming its right to have the visa approval/issuances at the discretion of immigration offices even if it is provided on arrival.

What can you do as a UAE resident to be on the safe side when you travel to Georgia?

The UAE government, unfortunately, does not play any role in the cases when the country’s residents are being refused entry and it cannot be held responsible for it. 

The best solution offered is to register in the service called ‘Tawagudi’ on the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation’s website to be up to date with all travel instructions and advice. In case of emergency, travelers are advised to call +995595666466 or contact the ministry’s call center on 8004444.

Despite the difficulties, Georgia is still a beautiful destination worth visiting. It’s a country you easily fall in love with. If you are planning your trip there some time soon, please make sure to follow all the mentioned advice and contact our team for more information. We are happy to share our case studies and support our customers in any situation.

And how hard is it to get a visa to your country? Tell us where are you from in the comments!

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