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How To Get Married In Georgia Over A Weekend? | How to Get Married in Georgia

How to Get Married in Georgia: How long does it take to get married in Georgia? A weekend!

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Weekend wedding can be done only in the wedding house. 

The required prerequisites for getting married over a weekend in Georgia:

  • Identity documents of persons intending to get married, translated to Georgian Language and Notarized;
  • Joint written application of persons intending to get married;
  • In case of a person’s second marriage, a document certifying the termination of previous marriage, legalized and apostilled;
  • 2 witnesses , if foreigners- their Identification Documents, with duly notarized Georgian translation;
  • Foreign citizens must submit a document evidencing the legal ground of his/her stay in Georgia (entry stamp);
  • If an application is submitted by a representative of a person intending to get married, documents certifying power of representation and identity of representative;

We suggest to go through this legal checklist to have a clear picture.

Steps of completing your wedding in Georgia over a weekend:

First make a booking. There are 3 methods of doing that:

  1. Make an online reservation at the wedding house of your choice, or
  2. Call the LEPL Public Service Development Agency to reserve the wedding ceremony,or
  3. Reserve the wedding ceremony from Public Hall ( applicants in person or a legal representative)


  • One day before the booked ceremony , appear in-person at the same wedding house to fill the wedding application (before 17.15)
  • On the day of the wedding go to the booked wedding house and bring all the required prerequisites
  • Take your marriage certificate the same day, it will be in Georgian language
  • If you intend to use this certificate outside of Georgia apostille and translation are needed. You can only do it in the Public House during the weekdays: Monday- Friday, 9.00- 18.00

Final Word on How to Get Married in Georgia

If you’d rather have somebody doing it for you while you are enjoying your mini-vacation in Georgia you are at the right place. Our Full paperwork wedding package is tailored for cases like that and our Dubai/Georgian team will make sure to make your special day as easy as possible!

So when is your wedding date?

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