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Eternal Love in a Winter Wonderland

Begin Your Forever in Frosty Splendor

Beautiful wedding couple in mountains
Discover the Magic of Winter

Why Choose a Winter Wedding?

Imagine a winter wedding, where nature’s pristine canvas becomes the backdrop for your love story. Envision a landscape draped in snow, ceremonies illuminated by the soft glow of candles, and the warmth of love contrasting the crisp air. Winter nuptials offer an unparalleled charm, an elegance that no other season can replicate. It’s about celebrating love amidst nature’s enchantment, cherishing moments during the year’s most magical season. Let the winter’s embrace elevate your union, crafting a day as timeless and unique as the love you share. Consider the allure of a winter wedding, where every detail becomes a dream realized.

Winter experience


  • Wedding couple jetskiing Wedding couple jetskiing
  • Wedding Arch Wedding Arch
  • Bride in mountain Bride in mountain
  • Wedding couple at the peak of mountain Wedding couple at the peak of mountain
  • Wedding cake on table Wedding cake on table
  • Couple wedding photo with family Couple wedding photo with family
  • Wedding couple enjoying Snow Wedding couple enjoying Snow
  • Wedding couple with a husky on mountains Wedding couple with a husky on mountains
Wedding Essentials

What can be part of your wedding?

Your wedding can be a reflection of your unique love story. Imagine inviting extra guests to share in your joy, adorning tables with exquisite decorations, and having the bride’s makeup and hair elegantly set against the backdrop of the mountains. Capture every moment with a dedicated videographer, complete with drone shots, and nestle into comfortable accommodations, be it in the vibrant Tbilisi or the tranquil mountains. A delectable wedding cake awaits your celebration, while wedding planner support ensures everything flows seamlessly. The majestic mountain spots, a beautifully crafted wedding arch, and floral arrangements set the stage. A master of ceremony will guide the proceedings, and a skilled photographer will freeze your memories in time. With bridal services available in Tbilisi and a romantic dinner for two in the mountains, your journey will be complemented by convenient transportation. Every detail, every moment, tailored just for you.

Wedding arch and decorations
Couple photo on peak of mountain in snow

Couple Shoot

The couple shoot amid snowy peaks captures love in its purest form. 

Wedding Couple sitting in Hotel


The accommodation, nestled amidst a winter wonderland, offers a cozy retreat from the snow-draped world outside. 

Bride and groom group photo in hills

Wedding Planner Support

Bride and groom group photo in hills

Wedding Planner Support ensures that every detail of your special day unfolds seamlessly.


From Jet Skiing to serene snowshoe walks and exhilarating sled rides

Wedding Arch

The wedding arch, a symbol of new beginnings, stands tall and graceful. Framing the couple in its embrace, it adds a touch of elegance and romance, serving as a timeless backdrop to their vows of everlasting love

Wedding stage with decorations

Table and Decorations

Wedding stage with decorations

Envision a wedding stage that stands as the centerpiece of your celebration. 

Wedding cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake

A wedding cake, the sweet centerpiece of your celebration.

Bikepacking Essentials
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