Family visa services for the UAE residents

Wedding is just the beginning of a new family. And once you decide to take the next step we are happy to support you along the way.

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For the new families

Our team will do the whole process of the UAE visa application for you. You just need to take care of your medical examination. But we provide all the details as well. It’s that easy.

What is included

  • Spouse sponsor Visa ✔️
  • Family visa open file ✔️
  • Applications ✔️
  • Entry Permit eVisa ✔️
  • Change of status inside the country ✔️
  • Medical test Typing Application ✔️
  • Visa stamping ✔️
  • Emirates ID ✔️
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Newborn UAE visa package


For the happy parents

Our team will take care of every single step of the newborn UAE visa application and will guide you through the process.

What is included

  • Family sponsor Visa ✔️
  • Family visa open file ✔️
  • Applications ✔️
  • Entry Permit eVisa ✔️
  • Change of status inside the country ✔️
  • Visa stamping ✔️
  • Emirates ID ✔️

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Most common Wedding questions
How to Get Married Affordable Without Traveling if You Can’t Travel to Georgia?

Getting married in Georgia is one of the fastest and hassle-free ways that you can opt for. But currently, Georgia has closed its borders for many countries due to COVID-19. If you are facing the same problem and can’t travel to Georgia for your wedding, then there is another way that you can choose. Although it’s not that cheap it will work if you want to opt for online wedding. Keep on reading to find How to get married online affordable without traveling

How to Get Married Affordable Without Traveling

Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can actually get married regardless of your nationality and religion. It’s all because of the COVID-19 that has restricted people to their homes. Here’s how you can get married online by choosing our services.

Online Wedding Process and Important Information

Our team has come up with a solution for the couple that is unable to get married due to lockdown or any other reasons. Moreover, any couple who immediately wants a wedding certificate can opt for it. But it’s equally important to bear in mind that the process is very complex and expensive. Basically, it’s the last resort for couples who don’t have any other way to acquire a legal wedding certificate. Here are some of the most important points of our online wedding procedure.

  • You won’t be having any online, web, or Zoom wedding ceremony as it’s only the basic wedding paperwork
  • It doesn’t relate to your religion in any possible way. So, you won’t get any religious wedding certificate
  • A team of experienced and expert lawyers along with the marriage registrar will carry out the whole process
  • First. They will contact your respective embassy or consulate and the process will only start if the embassy will have no objection to the online wedding
  • It requires only your original passport and the wedding certificate that we provide will be 100 percent legal and valid

If you want to get married online then let us know by commenting below. We’ll get in touch with your right away.

How to choose Georgia Wedding Packages All Inclusive Cheapest?
Most people dream of their wedding day. They can imagine it all, from the colors of the flowers to the songs that will be playing. If you are going to have a destination wedding in Georgia, then you are in luck. The versatility of the country provides any type of aesthetic to live forever in wedding photographs. Let us help you decide what kind of marriage you want to experience in Georgia.
How to marry easily if you are pregnant in Dubai or have other complications?
Getting married is a big decision for any relationship. Getting married while living abroad is a whole new level, especially if your partner is from another country or has a different religion. There are quite a few factors that play a role in wedding planning when you live in the UAE or any other GCC country.
Average price of a weekend in Georgia
For a traveller, the average price of a weekend in Georgia would be about 200 GEL (lari), you should consider at least having a budget of at least 50 GEL, considering that you won’t be eating at the posh places and rather going to the more regional food stalls either on the street or local food centers. So let’s say a three days trip in Georgia will cost approximately 200 GEL which is $65 (USD) which is the least you can spend in Georgia, this doesn’t include flight tickets of course.
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