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How To Get Legally Married In Georgia? | How to Legally Marry In Georgia

How to Legally Marry In Georgia?

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If you want to know how to legally marry in Georgia, then read this article carefully till the very end. You can get legally married in the Public Hall.

Documents required for getting married in Georgia

  • Identity documents of persons intending to get married, translated to Georgian Language and Notarized;
  • If you have been married before, a valid apostilled, original copy or the divorce certificate
  • Joint written application of persons intending to get married;
  • In case of a person’s second marriage, a document certifying the termination of previous marriage, legalized and apostilled;
  • 2 witnesses , if foreigners- their Identification Documents, with duly notarized Georgian translation;
  • Foreign citizens must submit a document evidencing the legal ground of his/her stay in Georgia;
  • If an application is submitted by a representative of a person intending to get married, documents certifying power of representation and identity of representative;

Georgian Public hall working hours for getting married:

Mon-Fri : 9.00 – 18.00


  • Passport translation
  • Filing for marriage
  • Waiting for an answer (usually takes up to 3 hours, if you applied before 13.00)
  • Returning to the public hall to sign the marriage certificate
  • File the request to get an apostille translation
  • Take to the embassy/consulate to be legalized

The process is quite simple. However we know that sometimes you would rather go sightseeing instead of filing requests and scheduling appointments. Especially if you are in Georgia only for couple of days.

Worry not. Our professional Georgian team will be happy to do the hard work for you. Go ahead and check our paperwork wedding packages.

Final Word on How to Legally Marry In Georgia

Choosing a package is literally the only thing we would need you to do for your wedding (apart from the signing your wedding certificate of course)

Which package would you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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