While Georgia is on the top of the list; as one of the #1 wedding destinations for international couples. Laws & regulations in every country are very unique. Plus living in a foreign country requires a few adaptations for expats.

This is why we offer wedding destinations with fast and easy wedding solutions. We started with our own story; now we are now helping dozens of people every month to find the best solutions to their problems. Our wedding destinations are carefully chosen for expat couples.


Civil Wedding in UAE

Our UAE wedding packages are built for international and expat couples planning to live together legally. You may be looking for this option when you are planning to:

  • Live together as a couple
  • Sponsor your partner
  • Have a baby
  • Apply for new visas

If you are still not sure, please book a call with our wedding advisors.

Seychelles weddings

The tropical island of Seychelles offers fantastic possibilities for your beach wedding. Our expert wedding planners can assist you in planning a beautiful wedding with the right legalization.

  • Paperwork wedding
  • Nikah ceremony
  • Dream wedding by the beach
  • Custom tropical wedding

For expat couples who don’t have much time to plan a wedding, a wedding in Seychelles is most likely the best alternative. You can have a simple and stress-free wedding that’s also internationally recognized.

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Online Weddings

If you are looking to get married without traveling; expats can now legally marry within the comfort of their home. Our professional online wedding specialist can help you to have an intimate online ceremony.

You might need to marry for the following reasons:

  • To legally live as a married couple
  • Starting a family
  • Apply for a sponsorship visa
  • Relocate to a new country

Regardless of your ethnicity, sexuality or physical location, couples can have a US State licensed with an online wedding ceremony conducted on Zoom. The hard copy of your marriage certificate can then be used as a legal proof of your marital status.

Book a call with our wedding planners and to get married online without the hassle of traveling anywhere.

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Most common Wedding questions
Legal Marriage Easy: How to get your wedding certificate legalized to make your Georgian wedding internationally recognized?
As we explained in some of our previous videos Georgia is one of the best options for citizens or residents of the GCC to get legally married. But the Georgian wedding certificate will not be enough if you are planning to live together as a couple. There are a few extra steps you need to go through and of course we can help you to do it.
How to plan your wedding in Georgia, the country not the US state?
If you’re planning to get married as soon as possible, here are what you need to account for before going to Georgia
Court Marriage in Dubai for Foreigner: Georgia vs UAE. Legal Requirements for Dubai Court

If you’re planning to get married in the Dubai court, read all the legal requirements that you need to fulfill in Dubai and think again. Although, if you want to know How to have Court Marriage in Dubai then keep in mind that it’s a complicated and time taking procedure because of the long list of legal requirements for Dubai court.

Dubai Court Requirements to Get Married

If you’re Muslim and want to marry in Dubai court, you’ll need to get your wedding registered in the sharia court. This procedure comes with long requirements and some of the very basic ones are as following:

  • You’ll need to register yourself by submitting a wedding form in Dubai court
  • One of the spouses must possess a residency or employment visa
  • A certified and approved pre-marriage medical certificate that shows fitness and negative results of major diseases such as thalassemia and HIV/Aids. You must obtain the certificate from authorized health facilities by the Dubai’s government.
  • Both of the spouses must have their national IDs, visa status, and original passports
  • Both of the spouses must also have an original birth certificate
  • Muslim brides must have their father or guardian present at court on the day of the wedding. They also need to bring their passports and IDs
  • A couple of witnesses must also be present at the court
  • A Muslim bride cannot marry a non-Muslim groom (He’ll need to convert to Islam)
  • If the bride’s father has passed then the closest family member must be present as a guardian such as a brother, uncle, etcetera.
  • In the case of divorce, you must also present the former marriage certificate
  • In the case of window status, you’ll also require to bring the original death certificate of the previous spouse

Moreover, all the Non-Muslims can only marry in Dubai through their respective embassy or consulate. The rules and regulations vary from nationality to nationality and each embassy. Also it takes a different amount of time to complete the procedure.

Final Word on Court Marriage in Dubai for Foreigner: Georgia vs UAE. Legal Requirements for Dubai Court

So, if you’re planning to go for Court Marriage in Dubai for Foreigner, you must know that the procedure is very hectic. It can even take months to complete. However, you can avoid all this effort by opting for getting married in Georgia. Because it is completely a hassle-free and easy procedure.

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Georgia Wedding for GCC : The growing interest of GCC expats in weddings in Georgia the country

Well, why not? Georgia is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes and a rich cultural environment. It is a country where aesthetically, will make your wedding photographs timeless and that’s not even the best part. Georgia’s regulations provide solutions that most countries would not give when couples would want to marry. From problems such as urgency of the marriage contract, to costs, being of a different nationality than your partner, legalization and documentation about Georgia Wedding for GCC becomes such a chore that expats decide to get married in another country.

What do GCC expats need to get married in Georgia?

As mentioned, Georgia provides a quick and easy way to get a marriage license. As a foreigner in most countries, you would need to coordinate with your respective embassies to apply for a marriage certificate. In countries within the GCC, their own laws governing the country do add a few more hurdles to jump through just for the application.

In Georgia however all you need to get married is your passport. 

If you compare it with the UAE process for example, trying to wed as a foreigner in the UAE would require at minimum five documents that have to go through the respective embassies as per the UAE official government website. Additionally, if the documents are not in the language used by said country, official translated copies need to be submitted as well. Which means having to spend for a legal translation that also needs to be attested which is another handful out of your pocket. All this can be avoided once you decide to marry in Georgia as all you would need is your passport.

Is it cheaper to get married in Georgia or through my embassy?

As mentioned, there would be a lot of documents that need to be submitted to the embassy and with that comes costs that you would need to pay to authorize these said documents. Flying to Georgia adds more value to the money you would be spending having to submit said documents. You’re getting married, use that money to see Georgia instead.

Is processing my marriage faster in Georgia than processing in my embassy?

Once you file for marriage in Georgia, it is possible to get your marriage license within half a day. Yes, it is that fast. Contact our team and we would gladly guide you through the full process.

Final Word on Georgia Wedding for GCC : The growing interest of GCC expats in weddings in Georgia the country

Georgia is an amazing country if you decide to get married there. It is gorgeous and if the above is any indication, it is quite hassle free. All you need to be doing is be with your loved one in such a great place. Check our Cute package to start planning!

Does your embassy do it faster than Georgia? If they do, comment below and we get you a free dinner in Georgia! 

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