Religious Weddings For the GCC Residents

Get your religious wedding in the beautiful country of Georgia. All packages can be customized to your needs in order to create the best ceremony for you.

✔️ Included in the current offer
❌ Can be added as an extra


Nikah ceremony package in Tbilisi

AED 1,550 – USD 420

For the ones who put religion first

This wedding package has everything you need to have a Muslim wedding ceremony and certificate valid in any of the GCC countries.

Before the wedding

  • Imam to conduct Nikah Ceremony✔️
  • Arrival Transfer service✔️
  • Conversion to Islam 

The Ceremony

  • Nikah wedding booking ✔️
  • Muslim Witnesses Transportation to and from Mosque ✔️
  • Photographer 
  • Bridal bouquet 
  • Dinner 

After your wedding

  • Airport drop off ✔️
  • Nikah certificate Translation✔️
  • Nikah certificate Notarisation ✔️
  • Certificate shipping ✔️
  • Married or refunded ✔️
  • GCC attestation ❌

    Catholic wedding ceremony package in Tbilisi

    AED 2,683 – USD 730

    For those who dream to have a catholic ceremony

    Make your day a special day with all the needful.

    Before the wedding

    • Simple decor at the church ✔️
    • Roman Catholic priest to approve the Ceremony ✔️
    • Arrival Transfer service ✔️
    • Church booking ✔️

    The ceremony

    • Civil wedding booking ✔️
    • Witnesses ✔️
    • Transportation to and from Church ✔️
    • Photographer
    • Bridal bouquet 
    • Groom boutonniere
    • Make up and hair stylist for the bride
    • Wedding dress rental

    After your wedding

    • Departure Transfer service ✔️
    • Certificate Translation ✔️
    • Certificate Notarization ✔️
    • Married or refunded ✔️
    • Romantic Dinner for the couple
    • Embassy attestation ❌
    • Wedding cake 
    • Videographer with drone 

        Custom religious wedding

        Pricing based on your needs

        For other relgious ceremonies that can be customized

        Customize entirely to your expectations with our wedding planners.

        Before the wedding

        • Wedding consultation ✔️
        • Passport translations ✔️
        • Power of attorney ✔️
        • Wedding paperwork ✔️
        • Airport pickup ✔️

        The wedding day

        • Civil wedding booking ✔️
        • Witnesses ✔️
        • Document translation ✔️
        • 1 GCC embassy legalization or 1 Apostille ✔️
        • Transfer to the wedding venue ✔️

        After your wedding

        • Airport drop off ✔️
        • Certificate shipping ✔️
        • Ministry of foreign affairs (UAE only) ✔️
        • Married or refunded ✔️

        The ceremony

        • Cute venue in Tbilisi or Miskheta✔️
        • Standard Wedding arch ✔️
        • Transfer to the venue in regular car for the groom ✔️
        • Transfer to the venue in regular car for the bride ✔️
        • Wedding Musicians ✔️
        • Celebrants ✔️

        Wedding outfits

        • Bridal bouquet ✔️
        • Groom boutonniere ✔️
        • Make up and hair stylist for the bride ✔️
        • Wedding dress rental ✔️

        Wedding Extra

        • Photographer 1h ✔️
        • Sparkling wine during the ceremony ✔️
        • Wedding cake during the ceremony ✔️
        • Dinner for the couple after the ceremony ✔️
        • Transfer to the restaurant & back to the hotel ✔️
        • Videographer with drone ✔️
        • Wedding cake ✔️
        • Wedding musicians ✔️

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