Civil marriage in Dubai for foreigners Vs Georgia

Civil marriage in Dubai for foreigners or in Georgia, which is better?

A wedding is one of the most important days in one’s life. However, not every marriage is easy. For instance, expats seeking Civil marriage in Dubai for foreigners have to go through a nightmare to make their marriage register. However, many countries such as Georgia, Seychelles offer better marriage options for foreigners.

Let’s check the marriage requirements in Georgia that can make your marriage a cherished event forever.

Top 3 reasons to have a civil marriage in Georgia for foreigners

Easy marriage rules:

So, if you want to go for Muslim and non Muslim marriage in Dubai, the Sharia law will not allow such marriages. But in Georgia, civil marriage laws allows interreligious marriage. You can easily register for the marriage and wait for your D-day. Upon approval of the registration, fly to Georgia and enjoy your marriage.

Less Documentation:

We all get nervous when we need to do a lot of paperwork. Putting together all the documents is another tedious task. But, in Georgia, you need only a few documents before you go to the Public Service Hall to marry.

Check the list of documents needed:

  • Identity document translated in Georgian language of both parties (bride and groom).
  • For divorcees, a valid and original copy of the divorce certificate duly sealed and signed.
  • Joint application written by bride and groom for marriage purpose.
  • 2 witnesses along with their valid identity documents translated in Georgia
  • Visa and document for legal ground of staying in Georgia

So next time, choose wisely between a wedding in Dubai to a wedding in Georgia. Your one right decision is the key to a happy wedding event.

In conclusion to your civil marriage in Dubai Vs Georgia for foreigners

Although the new laws; have made it rather easy for many expat couples to tie the knot in Dubai and UAE. The documentation, prerequisites and time taken to get an appointment is far too much. Moreover you still have the existing problem of getting married if you belong to different religion and nationalities.

When love comes to your life, don’t back off just because of religion. Come to Georgia and make your love only yours forever.

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