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Legal package to get a UAE residents visa for your newborn baby

This package is made for couples who have just welcomed their little one into this world and planning to live with them in the UAE.

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What is included


Your baby will have their own UAE resident visa and you will be the sponsor.


To start any visa process in the UAE the Immigration visa file needs to be open. Let us take care of this part for you.


When it comes to paperwork it’s easy to get lost with all the applications. Good news! We are here to help you.


If your baby is out of the country, we will help to issue an entry permit so you can bring them into the UAE to reunite with you and continue the visa process.


If your baby is already in the country on tourist visa, we will help you to change they visa status in the system without leaving the country.


When all the paperwork is done and finalized it’s time to receive a resident visa in your baby’s passport. Visa will be valid the same period of time as your visa.


Once the visa is done your baby will receive the new and shiny Emirates ID and will officially become a UAE resident like a grown up.



It’s just a basic requirement for any paperwork process in the country to state your identity and legal status in the country.


As your baby’s visa will have the same validity as yours you need to provide your labour contract.


It’s important to prove that you can support your baby financially after bringing them to the country so bank statement is a mandatory requirement. But no worries, it takes no more than 10 minutes to get at your bank.


Just like with the bank statements it is important to prove that you can provide a decent living space for you baby that’s why your tenancy contract is required also.


The official legalized wedding certificate with the MoFA stamp is the one you will need for the newborn visa application. It is the same certificate we provide after your wedding. Easy!

You will also need to provide your baby’s birth certificates.


The last requirement is of course the passport copy of your baby.

what do you get

WHo is this package for

This package is tailored for couples who have just welcomed their little one into this world and need to get and official and legal status for them in the UAE.

Your baby fully depends on you but is already a separate person. It’s time to get them their own UAE visa!

Most common questions

Court Marriage in Dubai for Foreigner: Georgia vs UAE. Legal Requirements for Dubai Court

If you’re planning to get married in the Dubai court, read all the legal requirements that you need to fulfill in Dubai and think again. Although, if you want to know How to have Court Marriage in Dubai then keep in mind that it’s a complicated and time taking procedure because of the long list of legal requirements for Dubai court.

Dubai Court Requirements to Get Married

If you’re Muslim and want to marry in Dubai court, you’ll need to get your wedding registered in the sharia court. This procedure comes with long requirements and some of the very basic ones are as following:

  • You’ll need to register yourself by submitting a wedding form in Dubai court
  • One of the spouses must possess a residency or employment visa
  • A certified and approved pre-marriage medical certificate that shows fitness and negative results of major diseases such as thalassemia and HIV/Aids. You must obtain the certificate from authorized health facilities by the Dubai’s government.
  • Both of the spouses must have their national IDs, visa status, and original passports
  • Both of the spouses must also have an original birth certificate
  • Muslim brides must have their father or guardian present at court on the day of the wedding. They also need to bring their passports and IDs
  • A couple of witnesses must also be present at the court
  • A Muslim bride cannot marry a non-Muslim groom (He’ll need to convert to Islam)
  • If the bride’s father has passed then the closest family member must be present as a guardian such as a brother, uncle, etcetera.
  • In the case of divorce, you must also present the former marriage certificate
  • In the case of window status, you’ll also require to bring the original death certificate of the previous spouse

Moreover, all the Non-Muslims can only marry in Dubai through their respective embassy or consulate. The rules and regulations vary from nationality to nationality and each embassy. Also it takes a different amount of time to complete the procedure.

Final Word on Court Marriage in Dubai for Foreigner: Georgia vs UAE. Legal Requirements for Dubai Court

So, if you’re planning to go for Court Marriage in Dubai for Foreigner, you must know that the procedure is very hectic. It can even take months to complete. However, you can avoid all this effort by opting for getting married in Georgia. Because it is completely a hassle-free and easy procedure.

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Can an unmarried couple live in Dubai?

The simplest answer used to be NO!

Here everything you need to know if you are an unmarried couple living in Dubai.

Dubai laws for the unmarried couples living together

Dubai and other emirates in the UAE are governed by Islamic laws known as Sharia laws which used forbid two unmarried people of opposite sex to live together for many years. The ‘Tawajed Clause’ prohibited indeed two people from opposite sex to live together without being legally married.

Dubai attracts many tourists and expats from all over the world. No matter if you are visiting UAE as a tourist or if you are a long-term expat, the same law was being applied for everyone.

Dubai is a regional hub which attracts many people from different countries, origins, orientations and religions. Depending on the reason for being in the city, if someone is inviting his girlfriend or boyfriend to live with, it was illegal. However, most people who are coming to Dubai for a short-stay, like tourists, had no issue at all. Yet, if someone complained or if a couple got caught by law makers in Dubai, they were in great trouble and faced fine, jail or even deportation. In 2018, a 20 years old man and a 19 years old woman, both Pakistani, ‘were initially charged with having sex out of wedlock, but a medical examination found that they had not, Ajman Criminal Court was told.’

‘A young, unmarried couple have been jailed for a month and will be deported after completing the sentence after they were convicted of living together for three weeks and kissing’ Thenational.ae

To many couples’ relief in November 2020 the situation has changed. The UAE government has introduced the latest edition of the penal code which now officially allows people of different gender live together. However it’s important to not that delivering a baby out of the wedlock is still considered a crime in the UAE.

What type of marriages are legal in Dubai?

Not every marriage is considered legal and is accepted by Dubai law. Samesex people, even if legally married back home, will face great difficulty if found in an inappropriate situation in Dubai.

UAE’s laws only recognize heterosexual marriages which have been registered and can be verified with legal certifications if needed. However, no one is going to ask you for a marriage certificate, unless you caught the attention of Dubai’s legislators.

Back home, marriages or religious marriages are only considered legal if you have proper marriage certification in your possession. Same-sex marriages are not recognized in UAE due to the Shariah law, even if a proper and valid certification has been issued in your home country.  

Final word on living with your boyfriend or girlfriend in Dubai

Are you considering coming to Dubai ? Are you planning to bring your partner to UAE to live together? It’s definitely great to know that now you won’t be a law-breaker and won’t get in trouble doing that.

And if you are planning to start a family and have kids together you don’t really need to organize a lavish marriage to officialize your relationship in front of the UAE authorities, a marriage certificate is enough to abide by the law to give a birth. You also do not need to get married in the UAE, if you have a marriage proof from your home country or any other country, this will be enough.

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Did Seychelles beat Georgia as the best wedding destination for the GCC expats during the COVID-19?

It definitely did! While Georgian borders remain closed for travelers Seychelles are accepting tourists from certain countries from August 1st! And Easy Wedding Seychelles team is rocking this destination!

Georgia is the ultimate solution for getting married from the UAE

When couples decide to marry, oftentimes the constant thoughts on what to prioritize can lead to overthinking on what would be considered the best. There’s always layers to it. Everyone’s best version will always be a little different. Keeping your options open will always give room to having the best possible wedding. Here is what Georgia can offer.

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