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Unmarried Pregnant Women Now Don’t Need to Flee UAE

Women Who Get Pregnant Without Wedlock Don’t Need to Flee UAE

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Due to the recent publication in the concerning pregnancy & wedding in the UAE and the increased number of questions we received, we wanted to post some more information about it. This article is only commenting on the original post and until the UAE authorities officially release a notice about it, we do invite everyone to consult a local lawyer to always comply with the local laws. Please do review our original content on the latest updates regarding the UAE law for families in

Original article: by Ashleigh Stewart the 30/04/21

Previous Marriage and Pregnancy Laws in the UAE

Previously, no one was allowed to get pregnant without getting married in the UAE. But now the landscape is going to change because of the latest reforms by the government of the UAE. According to the previous laws issued back in November 2020, the UAE decriminalized suicide and alcohol. Moreover, it also allowed all unmarried couples to live together without getting married. But it created many complexities such as unmarried women getting pregnant.

Latest Reforms About Unmarried Pregnant Women in Dubai

According to, the minister of presidential affairs, Mr. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed who is also the Deputy Minister signed the legal order.

The legal order is apparently stating that all unmarried couples expecting a baby can apply for the birth certificate of their babies. They won’t need to show their marital certificate for that either. It will also allow their kids to have education and healthcare services just like other babies as well.

Important Points to Keep in Mind regarding the latest UAE family laws

The new legal order doesn’t certainly allow abortion or homosexuality. It’s only to provide a peaceful environment for all the ex-pats living in the UAE to have babies without wedlock.

The authorities have likewise referenced that it was never wrongdoing for any unmarried mothers who had children to visit the UAE. In any case, presently the unmarried ladies living in the UAE can likewise get pregnant. It’s not the legitimate prerequisite to have a conjugal endorsement to apply for the birth testament of any child who is conceived illegitimately.

Concluding Women Who Get Pregnant Without Wedlock Don’t Need to Flee UAE

The officials have expressed that these changes are to ensure that UAE offers a serene and liberal climate to a wide range of ex-pats. In addition to the fact that it is the necessity of the changing world it to ensure that incalculable ex-pats living in the UAE spend their lives calmly.

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