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Who can be the part of mass wedding UAE

Who can be the part of mass wedding UAE?

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The UAE government has introduced a new idea of mass weddings for their local people. Thousands of people can tie up a knot in one place, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Currently, the lavish event of 50 couples is held in Abu Dhabi sponsored by the Al-Masood group.

Is there a mass wedding for UAE natives?

Back to the date of 2020, this new idea came to all social media channels, where all UAE natives celebrated the golden jubilee of the year the 50th in Dubai, in order to support the young couples of getting married. No matter which city they live in, all come to Dubai and conduct the lavish mass wedding there in a cost-effective manner. At that time, the group of 100 couples exchanged their vows in front of the whole world. In reality, they are reviving their traditional values and tightening the strings between all Emirati people.

Should expats choose Georgia as a wedding destination?

Marrying in Georgia as an expat takes out the stress of complex marriage procedures. Besides this, they get allured by the beautiful locations in Georgia. As every person can celebrate this day lavishly with the love of their life, but within the specified budget in enthralled places.

The following requirements should be met before marriage:

  • Official passports of both parties 
  • Require translated and notarized passports
  • Presence of at least two witnesses
  • Attach the divorce decree or death certificate if needed
  • Couples must be in Georgia at the time of the contract signing
  • In Georgia, you will get a translated and registered marriage certificate which is authorized by your embassy.

Concluding on the mass wedding in the UAE

The latest trend of mass weddings in UAE is quite budget-friendly for its nationals. However, Expats in UAE can go to other alternatives for beautifully solemnizing their marriages. Some want nice dreamy wedding to savor every moment of happiness they get on this day. For those, traveling to Georgia is the ideal solution for them. Apart from the stunning location in the mountains or the lakeside; you would also have a quick marriage procedure and get the same legalized for your country of residence.

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