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What Is An Apostille Wedding Certificate | How to have your wedding in Tbilisi? Let us help you!

What is an apostille wedding certificate?

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An apostille means that over a hundred countries recognize this document as legal. They follow the same standards and procedures and they have a common agreement. 

Georgia offers you an apostille wedding certificate. Means it will work in most of the countries you could potentially live.

What is an Apostille convention?

An Apostille Convention is technically an agreement between the countries that participate. It is also called the Hague Convention. This convention declares that any document that has been certified by one of the country-participant will be considered as certified by all the other countries that signed the agreement.

An apostille agreement was made to simplify and speed up the process of certifying the documents as it eliminate the need of a double certification.

In case of the apostille wedding certificate, it will be valid within the participating countries without legalizing it at the local embassy.

However if you reside in the country that is not a part of the Apostille convention, your wedding certificate will still need to be registered through the embassy.

Why Georgia is a the right choice for getting your apostille wedding certificate?

Besides very easy paperwork process there are quite a few other benefits.

Georgia is only a three hours flight away from most of the GCC countries. The flights are usually very affordable. And so are the prices within the county. Flying from the GCC you will be pleasantly surprised.

Moreover the country of Georgia has stunning nature. Whether you are planning a quick marriage or a big ceremony and celebration – it will serve you well. Just like the famous Georgian cuisine.

So if you are planning on getting your apostille wedding certificate done you should definitely keep Georgia in mind.

Still confused about the apostille documents? Tell us the country of your residence in the comments and we will help you to figure it out!

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