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The best destination place for Egyptian and Filipino marriage?

Dubai VS Georgia: Want to know the best destination place for Egyptian and Filipino marriage?

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Weddings in Dubai for Egyptian and Filipino marriages have their own lengthy set of procedures. Depending on the nationality, citizenship, and residency status of the couple, a dream wedding can be planned that ranges from simple to rather complex. In all cases, specific conditions need to be met, and documents have to be submitted to multiple parties for approval. Everything will be stress-free if you feel free to contact us!

Requirements before Filipinos can marry in Dubai.

Permit to stay legally in the country

To stay in the country, all parties to the marriage must have valid visas. National IDs and passports are required as proof of identity and visa status.

Premedical check-up certificate

To check the health status, both bride and groom should have a medical screening in UAE before the marriage. After that, the medical certificate is issued that both are medically fit for marriage. 

Divorce paper copy ( if applicable)

Official divorce certificates and divorce judgments must be submitted by divorcees. In the case of widows and widowers, they must submit a death certificate. It is a legal requirement that documents not issued in the UAE be translated into Arabic and ratified by the relevant authorities there.

Required NOC (No objection certificate)

If both Filipinos and Egyptians are marrying in Dubai, they should make sure to contact their councilmate or embassy. It is essential that they get a NOC letter.

Involvement of both Egyptian and Filipino

It is required that both parties to the marriage be present as well as the guardian of the woman and at least two Muslims as witnesses.

If the bride’s father has passed away, there must be a declaration of death and consent from any other male guardian. In the absence of a guardian, a special power of attorney must be obtained. Feel free to contact our team in Dubai who can help you out with all of the legal aspects of  Filipino and Egyptian marriage involved in initiating a court marriage.

Egyptian and Filipino marriage conditions in Dubai:

In Dubai, getting married to a Filipino and Egyptian couple is subject to a number of conditions and requirements, and it is important to follow the laws in this city and the UAE. If they wish to marry in Dubai, the following requirements should be noted:

  • UAE law prohibits the marriage of two persons of the same gender.
  • The marriage must be legally recognized.
  • Those under 18 years of age must also receive approval from the chief justice of the Personal Status Court.
  • The marriage certificate will be in English if the ceremony was held in the same language. To be recognized in the UAE, the marriage certificate must be translated into Arabic. Official translators can do this and documents need to be certified by the Notary Public at the Dubai Courts.
  • After the Ministry of Justice attests the marriage certificate, it will be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once this has been done, the couple will need to get the marriage certificate attested by their respective embassies.

Legal requirements for Egyptian and Filipino in Georgia:

For now,  Georgia is much easier for foreign nationals to get married due to the complexities associated with marrying someone from another country, ethnicity, or culture. You will need to meet the following easy requirements if you are a foreigner:

  • A valid passport,
  • Translation and notarization of your passport,
  • At least two witnesses for your Georgia wedding
  • To be in Georgia when the paperwork is duly signed,
  • After getting married in Georgia, you will get a registered and translated certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have your embassy confirm it.

Final Thoughts on Egyptian and Filipino marriage: Dubai VS Georgia

Although Dubai is expensive and the requirement process for the marriage of both foreigners is quite time-consuming and difficult; most couples do not want to get involved in it. However getting married  in Georgia feels more relaxing because of the simple legal process of marriage, so, expats choose this as destination place.

Keen to come out from this confusion, share your details with us and book a consultation with our team of experts.

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