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If you’re pregnant in the UAE but haven’t married, why is marriage in Georgia the answer?

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The United Arab Emirates said on 27th Nov, 2021 that a new criminal code will take effect in January as part of the Gulf state’s “most extensive legal reform in history.”

According to the new criminal code; while being pregnant outside a wedlock is not illegal; couples must choose to get married or be accountable for the child. If not; this is a punishable offense.

Read more to understand; the impact of these laws in your current situation and why getting married in Georgia could be the answer.

What does the new family laws state?

The declaration issued on Saturday clarifies the status of premarital sexual interactions and children born from them, emphasising that parents do not have to be married.

“Any couple conceiving a kid out of wedlock will be required to marry or recognize the child singly or jointly, and furnish identification papers and travel documents in accordance with the rules of the country of which either is a national,” according to the statement.

The new law is the ratification of a Federal Crime and Punishment Law, which will go into effect on January 2, 2022, and is intended to better safeguard women, domestic workers, and the general public.

Consequences of getting pregnant without marriage

Many women’s dreams of becoming pregnant before marriage have been a reality, and they are comfortable with the idea. What couples fails to consider is the advantages and disadvantages of having a child before marriage, preferring instead to go with the flow.

Children born to cohabiting—but not married—parents are more likely to endure not only socioeconomic disadvantage, but also greater behavioral and emotional disorders than children born to married parents, according to a 2004 article in the Journal of Marriage and the Family.

With that said; marriage should be the institute that brings the two together and one should consider getting married only if they are ready to commit to one another.

Why marry in gorgeous Georgia could be the answer

Unlike most Middle eastern countries; that are very conservative about a pregnant outside a wedlock; Georgia has embraced this way before any norms. This means in Georgia; it is absolutely normal for a woman to be pregnant while getting married.

Moreover; getting married in Georgia is a straightforward process as compared to the Gulf. Couples can fly in over the weekend, get married and have they legal documents received in about 2 weeks with no further questions asked.

So if you are pregnant without marriage in the UAE; and are considering getting married; give Georgia a thought.

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