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How to Get Married in Georgia Tbilisi

How to Get Married in Georgia Tbilisi?

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Getting married in the Public Service Hall in Tbilisi, Georgia marriage process is quite easy in practice as long as you know what to do, where to go, and who to talk to. Organizing your marriage there can be done even half a day as long as you have help to guide you.

So let us help you.

What & where is the Public Service Hall in Tbilisi, Georgia?

The Public Service Hall is a governmental agency which provides a variety of services which correlates to any application under the Georgian government. These services include ID card registration, Marriage registration, and passports just to name a few. The main office in Tbilisi can cater up to 400 services. They are open 6 days a week, between 9AM-6PM on the weekdays and 10AM-5PM on Saturdays. 

What would I need to marry at the Public Service Hall in Georgia?

Before you decide to get right to it, you have to make sure that you can provide all the necessary requirements and to go through a legal checklist. This is to avoid having to go only to be told you would be needing more documents.

Now the main document that you need would be your passport. However, since you are in Tbilisi, you have to abide by their laws and regulations. This means that first, you would need to have your passport translated in a notary. Second, that you follow their laws in marriage such as having divorce papers if you’re divorced. If you plan to involve your kids, that would also require additional paperwork.

It is best to make sure that everything is set before you go to the Public Service Hall. If you’re unsure as to what to do about your situation, have a conversation with us so we can clarify things for you. And if you just don’t feel like doing it all by yourself, our Full paperwork wedding package might exactly what you are looking for.

How do I get married in the Public Service Hall (PSH) in Tbilisi?

So, for you to get married in the Public Service Hall, you will need to have an announcement. You would have to be accompanied by a Georgian and two witnesses. If you decide to bring the witnesses yourself please note that they also have to need their passports translated. Then all of you will go and ask permission to get married. 

Once you have been approved, now comes the wedding. Normally it depends on the Public Service Hall when you can do your wedding, but once it is approved you will receive an SMS and you and your witnesses will go back, sign the document, and be officially married. Congratulations!

What happens after I get married at the Public Service Hall?

Up to this point was the easy part in all of this. We cannot stress enough how it is not enough to only be legally married inside Georgia. Couples who get married usually do it so that their marriage certificate will be valid in the country that they are residing in. We have received emails from couples who only got their marriage certificate at the Public Service Hall and left. 

After receiving your marriage certificate, you will need to have this translated in the language of the country you are residing. Then bring the translated document for registration if not part of the apostille convention. Then bring it to the embassy for registration. You have to make sure to do the previous steps (in Tbilisi?) before going home as it can cost you more.

Concluding How to Get Married in Georgia Tbilisi

Yes, if you put everything into account, it is in practice easy to get married. A lot will say that it is cheaper to do this and faster to do that but you have to be careful into what you are going to be investing on. Being aware of all the necessary procedures, especially in GCC countries, is still what you should keep in mind. In any case, we recommend that you contact your embassy, or contact the Public Service Hall, or let us be the one to handle all of it for you.

Do you know any other country where you could get married only with your passport? Add the name in the comments section below!

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