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How To Legalize Your Wedding Certificate After Getting Married In Georgia | legal marriage easy

Legal Marriage Easy: How to get your wedding certificate legalized to make your Georgian wedding internationally recognized?

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As we explained in some of our previous videos Georgia is one of the best options for citizens or residents of the GCC for legal marriage easy.

But the Georgian wedding certificate will not be enough if you are planning to live together as a couple. There are a few extra steps you need to go through to have your Georgian wedding certificate internationally recognized and of course we can help you to do it. Keep on reading to find out the Georgia wedding legalization process.

What are the easy steps of getting your wedding certificate legalized?

If you are willing to do it by yourself it’s pretty simple. You will have to:

  • register it at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • get it translated and notarized in English;
  • get it registered at your embassy. 

Do not forget that the Georgian wedding certificate is apostille which means over a hundred countries recognize it as official. But it still has to be registered at your embassy. 

Why should you get your wedding certificate in Georgia?

There are quite a few reasons why you should consider Georgia when you are planning to get married and get a marriage certificate. If you are still not sure about choosing this country as your wedding destination, here are some more benefits for you to think about (besides the easy paperwork):

  • short and affordable flight from any GCC country;
  • very pleasant prices within the country;
  • delicious local food and breathtaking views;
  • friendly people.

Add all these benefits together and it will become clear why more and more people choose Georgia every year.

Moreover, if for some reason you don’t have time to legalize your wedding certificate by yourself, Easy Wedding Georgia can help you with it too. Having offices in both Tbilisi and Dubai, we can proceed all the necessary paperwork and ship the certificate to the country where you live.

Concluding Legal Marriage Easy: How to get your wedding certificate legalized to make your Georgian wedding internationally recognized?

And that’s not even the best part. Check this package out. If you are looking for a truly unique experience for your wedding ceremony and not just a wedding certificate our team can arrange it for you too. You’ll just need to let us know how you see your wedding. Easy.

Wondering if the legalization can be done for you too? Name your country in the comments and we will check it for you!

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