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How to get a marriage certificate in Dubai

How to get a marriage certificate in Dubai

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Dubai is a melting pot culture of people from various countries and nationalities. However, the laws governing marriage in Dubai remain stringent, making it difficult for these couples to marry.

Continue reading to learn how you can marry in Dubai.

Marriage for foreigners 

Foreign ex-pats can marry in Dubai, but they must do so in the Emirates. They must also legally register their marriage in a court of law. Non-Muslim expats can marry in Dubai according to their home country’s laws. The rules may differ depending on their nationality, residency status, religion, and citizenship.

Marriage registration in Dubai

A Dubai wedding registration is a strict process. If the couples have Emirates citizenship, the registration process is easy. Similarly, Muslim couple can register their marriage in court. The Government kept the same option open for tourists and couples with visitor visas. The basic rules include,

  • The couple must be above the legal age. 
  • The couple must submit their birth certificates and passport copies. 
  • The other laws vary depending upon the requirement of the embassy. 

Requirements to marry and get a marriage certificate in Dubai

Regardless of your religion and citizenship status within the country, it is necessary to have some basic requirements to register your marriage in Dubai. 

  • The approval of the Bride 
  • The couple’s residential ID 
  • The couple’s birth certificate to prove their legal age 
  • Valid passports. 
  • Visa status of both the Bride and groom. 
  • At least one person must have a residential visa in UAE. 
  • A positive pre-marital screening report from health centers approved by UAE.

Best option to get your wedding certificate easily

The Marriage Laws in Dubai & other GCC countries make it incredibly hard for couples of different nationalities to get married. This is why many; UAE residents have chosen Georgia to be the go-to destination to get married.

To obtain a marriage license in Georgia; both partners are required to be present. Unlike GCC countries; there is no need for a necessary premarital medical test in Georgia. However; if any of the partners have been married before, they are required to produce the final divorce decree. They are also required to present the cause for the divorce and documentation.

Still confused about your wedding registration in Dubai, speak with our legal wedding specialists to get the answers you require and make your special day unforgettable.

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