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Giving birth in UAE as a visitor - Potential problems, and why Georgia is the best solution

Giving birth in UAE as a visitor – Potential problems, and why Georgia is the best solution

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If you are a woman living in the Middle East, such as Qatar, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, or Bahrain. You are undoubtedly aware of how difficult it is for women to obtain safe and legal abortion services due to strict abortion laws, as well as getting a newborn birth certificate.

Read the whole article and learn what is the easiest way to get married while pregnancy and get a newborn birth certificate in UAE.

Giving birth in UAE outside of marriage – potential problems

If you’re pregnant and are unmarried, you may face difficulties even after the new law goes into effect. Obtaining medical insurance and obtaining your infant’s birth certificate may be difficult. Hospitals can still contact the appropriate agencies. Such as the police, to have your case reviewed by the Personal Status Court.

If the couple wants to obtain a legitimate birth certificate for their child. They must also submit a genuine wedding certificate. Furthermore, according to the Dubai Health Authority, unmarried maternity care is not covered by medical insurance.

Newborn birth certificate in UAE

  1. Birth certificates are attested by the Department of Health Abu Dhabi or Dubai Health Authority. Or Emirates Health Services are equivalent to those of the Ministry of Health and Prevention.
  2. The birth certificate must be certified by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy of the country in which the birth certificate will be used.
  3. In the case of birth inside the UAE while the father is outside the country, the following additional documents must be submitted:
    • Attested marriage certificate.
    • Declaration from the wife stating the continuity of the marriage.
    • Attested copy of the husband’s passport or a letter from the embassy indicating the father’s nationality. Or a statement from the husband confirming the child’s paternity, attested by his country’s embassy and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What is the best solution for pregnant mothers?

According to the New Personal Laws of 2021. Women who become pregnant outside of marriage will be provided with all legal comforts and would be cared for. However, it’s important to remember that conception outside of marriage might have serious long-term repercussions.

We advise pregnant women to consider other options. Such as marrying the child’s father if the two have already discussed starting a family. Many countries, like Georgia and Seychelles, make it quite simple for couples to obtain their marriage license in two weeks.

The information above is not intended to be taken as particular legal advice but rather as general commentary on the various issues. Please contact us if you would like further information or guidance on any family-related issues.

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