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Can You Get Married in Dubai Vs Georgia on a Visit Visa | How to tie the knot on a visit visa

Getting Married in UAE on Visit Visa: Dubai Vs Georgia

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If you’re living in Dubai as an expat for quite some time now, you must already know that one of the daunting things while living in this place is getting married. The most significant reason why the wedding process is very overwhelming is that it takes so much time. That’s because of the long list of requirements. Another important thing is the wedding process is more expensive than you can imagine and not everyone can afford it. Anyhow, if you’re living in Dubai on a visit visa and looking forward to marry, then consider reading How to get married in Dubai on visit visa. It will tell you all the conditions where a visit visa can actually work. Moreover, it’ll also provide you with a better option which is to get married in Georgia on a Visit Visa. Let’s jump into it.

Key Points to Know If You are on a Visit Visa and Want to Get Married in Dubai!

In simple words, Muslim foreigners can’t apply to marry in Dubai Sharia court if they are on a visit visa. For Non-Muslim expats the best way to find all the details is to contact their respective embassy. But there are some of the situations where a visit visa can actually work which are:

  • If the man who wants to get married is on a visit visa in Dubai, then the documents of the woman’s (who he wants to marry) father or guardian will be necessary for the man’s medical
  • Additionally, If the woman is living in Dubai on a visit visa then with her guardian, the residency visa of the man will be sufficient
  • If the father or guardian of the Muslim woman is a Non-Muslim then the woman who wants to marry will be required to have a no-objection letter from her embassy

Verdict on Getting Married in UAE on Visit Visa: Dubai Vs Georgia

These are only the basic requirements and scenarios where the visit visa makes you eligible to get married in Dubai. These are not the complete requirements and you’ll need to find all the details from your embassy. It’s not possible to mention them all because they vary from nationality to nationality. So, the process can be even more hectic and time-consuming. That’s where the option to get married in Georgia on a visit visa can save your day. It will help you to marry very easily with a visit visa. It will also allow you to save a handsome amount of money.

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