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Get married in Georgia over the long weekend in Dubai

Get married in Georgia over the long weekend Dubai 2021

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Dubai is a home to many expats. The overall expat population in the UAE has now reached 8.84 million, accounting for almost 89 percent of the total population. Only 11% of the population are Emiratis, or UAE nationals.

The long weekend in Dubai are a time to relax and making the most of your time. If your favorite part of celebrating the holidays is spending time with family and friends, your wedding over the long weekend will feel extraordinarily sentimental.

In this article; we quick shed light on the upcoming dates and why choosing Georgia to get married is the most ideal.

Upcoming dates for the long weekend Dubai 2021

The official holidays in the UAE will be December 1, 2, and 3 to commemorate Commemoration Day and UAE National Day, respectively. Because December 1 falls on a Wednesday, you will get four days off over the holiday.

Why choose to get married in Georgia

While some might consider staying back in Dubai and getting married; it might not be feasible. To get married in Dubai; one must book an appointment with the Dubai court. This might takes months for the date to arrive unless you have planned this at least 3 months in advance.

Getting married in Georgia is fast and the documents required making the process less tedious. You can fly down to Georgia in less than 3.5hrs, get married the same day and spend the next 2-3days in the mountains or soaking in the traditional Georgian sulfur bath.

Alternatively; it would be the perfect time to escape the dry climate of Dubai and venture into the chilly winters of Georgia for a winter wedding.

Final verdict on marrying in Georgia over the long weekend

Over the years; Georgia has really picked up as a wedding destination for many GCC expats. Its visa free for most residents and cost of the wedding would be a fraction of what you would be spending in Dubai.

Moreover; its the perfect mix of a wedding, honeymoon and quick holiday all combined together.

If you are Dubai expat; keen to get married over the long weekend in UAE; we highly recommend booking a call with the team and know more about your options.

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