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Explanation of how to get married in Abu Dhabi

Beneficial explanation of how to get married in Abu Dhabi

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The UAE which is exceptional for the many emirates it accommodates is constantly making laws to serve the special requirements of foreigners. In the past year, they have introduced a law that will ensure that visitors and foreigners can marry peacefully. If you are an expat who wonders about how to get married in Abu Dhabi, this article will clarify the facts.

Abu Dhabi is a disciplined emirate and to finish any process, it is necessary to follow the stipulated guidelines. Failure to do so might cause the couple some glitches. This text examines how to get married in Abu Dhabi and Georgia.

Abu Dhabi’s regulation for a civil wedding ceremony

Abu Dhabi has regulations for civil weddings but couples really have nothing to fear as the laws are simple and easy to meet up with it. Here is an overview of the main requirements for marriage in this country:

  • Passport copies of the couple
  • Proof that none of the parties is still married to another person
  • Couples should be up to the legal age of 18 before marriage
  • None of the parties must be related

When the couple meets all of these expectations, they will then be able to proceed to the physical court that is beside the Zayed sports center for their marriage.

Georgia or Abu Dhabi – Which is more exceptional?

Both Georgia and Abu Dhabi have features that make couples with different needs prefer either of them. Georgia is big on nice sites and easy laws that quicken the marital process. Abu Dhabi has special provisions for both Muslims and Christians.

Couples who choose Georgia for marriage require only a handful of documents. Birth certificates, passports, and death or divorce certificates from their previous marriages are some of these. All can agree that these documents do not cost a lot to obtain.

Many have chosen Georgia for their marriages with no regrets. If you also believe that Georgia will serve your interests for marriage, contact our able team of wedding experts for guidance.

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