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did seychelles beat georgia as the best wedding destination for the gcc expats during the covid | Planning to tie the knot in Seychelles and Dubai?

Did Seychelles beat Georgia as the best wedding destination for the GCC expats during the COVID-19?

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It definitely did! While Georgian borders remain closed for travelers, Seychelles are accepting tourists from certain countries from August 1st! Here’s our list of Top Wedding Destinations that are rocking in 2021.

What do you need to have your Dubai wedding moved to Seychelles?

The UAE has been lucky enough to be included in the list of countries allowed to fly to Seychelles from August 1st. Although, the rule applies only for holders of the UAE residency visas. Visit visa holders are not eligible to fly at the moment.

But if you are a happy owner of the resident visa, you are good to go. Our team has found a way to organize your wedding there with minimum documents required.

Before traveling to Seychelles you need to submit the following documents to the airline (Emirates)

  1. Negative COVID-19 PCR test, that is less than 72 hours prior to boarding the flight. 
  2. Proof of the accommodation in approved by the Public Health authority establishment.
  3. Application form to enter Seychelles

Our team is happy to assist you and provide all the necessary documents.

To get married in Dubai you would need to submit quite a few documents and proceed the wedding on-line, but for the marriage registration in Seychelles you only need:

  1. Passports
  2. Birth certificate (can be replaced by affidavit)

As retrieving the original birth certificate can be quite challenging for many couples, there is an alternative to it. If you don’t have your birth certificate, you will simply need to sign the affidavit, stating that all the information you provide is correct. We will take care of the legalization of this additional document.

Why is getting married in Seychelles better than getting married in Dubai?

If you have always dreamed about the wedding on the paradise island, Seychelles is your dream come true.

Endless beaches with white sand, incredibly blue water, and palm trees – who didn’t have this image stuck in their head after watching that infamous Bounty ad years ago. Imagine having your wedding reception right there, by the ocean.  

There is no way our wedding photoshoot can get any better than that.

And for the UAE residents, this magnificent destination is even better. Why? Because despite the small size of the main island, it has the fully operational UAE Embassy. It means the wedding certificate can be fully legalized and valid in the UAE.

Isn’t it exciting? Our Seychelles team can’t wait to welcome more customers in paradise as the first after-quarantine-couples are flying this week!

Ready to make your dream come true? Leave a comment below and our team will contact you to help arrange your dream wedding!

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