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Can I Be Married In Georgia If I Am Already Married | Looking to have your wedding in Georgia? We are here to guide you

Can I be married in Georgia if I am already married?

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The convenience Georgia provides with its regulations on marriage may have you consider having to do it again. If that is the case, then let us first clarify a few things before you decide to proceed and get married again.

Can I get married again if I already have a spouse?

To put it simply no, at least in Georgia. The laws in Georgia require proof of termination of your current marriage such as divorce papers or a death certificate before getting approved for a new one. However, some countries do allow for polygamy. Some Islamic countries and their embassies allow for muslim men to marry up to 4 wives proving he can support each wife because of their practice in Sharia laws. Meaning what is not legal in Georgia can be legal in other countries.

Is it easy to get a divorce certificate before marrying in Georgia ?

Divorce has been socially accepted in most countries now, however there are still places where it is impossible to get a divorce. Countries like the Philippines do not provide divorce as an option in the country for its citizens. Even if a Filipino gets divorced in another country, the document is not recognized in the Philippines. In South Africa, it is specifically mentioned in the law that one year’s separation, adultery, habitual criminality and incurable mental illness are the factors for divorce.

There are countries in which filing for a divorce would be quite easy as long as you provide the requirements. Georgia is a country that processes divorce as well. If you fit under these specific criteria, then you can get a divorce and then apply for a marriage after.

So is it possible to get married in Georgia if I’m already married

Legally, it is not possible. However, some people may give their chance and try to get married in Georgia as they can’t get divorce in their home country. These situations are hard and it is best to contact your lawyer or our legal team to find out what to do for your current situation.

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