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Can GCC Residents Marry In Georgia Without Using Their Day Off | How to Get Marry In Geaorgia for Gcc

How to Get Marry in Georgia for GCC: Can UAE residents marry in Georgia fast, without using their day off?

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Or in other words can you marry in Georgia over the weekend and is Georgia wedding legal?

If you live in the GCC and you do not have holidays, the chances are your weekend is Friday and Saturday. 

How to marry in Georgia over the weekend for GCC residents?

Georgia being an orthodox country, considers Friday as a working day. 

Which means you can fly on Friday and Georgia will not be on the weekend. 

Means you fly on Friday morning, you can get married on Friday itself, and receive your wedding certificate later on if you have a local company like Easy Wedding Georgia to help you finish the process. 

So you can definitely fly on Friday, fly back on Saturday, and you will receive your wedding certificate. 

So it is possible to get married in Georgia over the weekend. And if you are thinking of a possibility of doing the same in Dubai check this article and think twice. Or better go through this legal checklist and start getting ready!

How does Easy Wedding Georgia help you to finish the process after getting married if you’re from the UAE?

So as mentioned above you can easily get married inGeorgia in one day and come bak to the GCC to still have your Saturday off. But will you have your wedding certificate right away?

You will and you won’t. Georgia provides an Apostille wedding certificates that are valid in over a hundred countries. Unfortunately most of the GCC countries don’t recognize this wedding certificate as official. But it’s not a problem. There are just a few extra steps that need to be done and that’s where Easy Wedding Georgia can help you. We don’t even need your physical presence in Georgia after your marriage.

Final Word on How to Get Marry in Georgia for GCC: Can UAE residents marry in Georgia fast, without using their day off?

Our team will take care of all the paperwork and will ship your fully legalized certificate to your country. And if you want. more than just a wedding certificate you should check out our Cute wedding package. It’s sweet and simple and would be a great addition for your paperwork.

Would you marry in just one day or would you stay longer to celebrate? Drop a comment below so we can know what our respective customers prefer!

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