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Overview of an easy wedding in Dubai versus Georgia

Overview of an easy wedding in Dubai versus Georgia

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Dubai is filled with a lot of possibilities, no wonder people from different parts of the world visit it daily. Some have even relocated because of its thriving economy. When interviewed, expats express the belief that Dubai has good conditions that favor growth.

It is indeed true that Dubai has many job opportunities for expats. But since it is a Muslim emirate, many non-Muslims who want to marry might discover that there is no option for a civil marriage within its territory. This article will now discuss the necessities for marriage in Dubai and why Georgia could be a valid option for non-Muslim couples.

Provisions for marriage in Dubai

Sharia law guides marriage processes between Muslims in Dubai. The first condition for marriage under this law is that the couple should be up to the legal age of 18. Next, none of the two persons getting married should be twice the age of the other.

Consent is another vital factor. The bride must show that she approves of the marriage. Without this, the marriage will not hold. In addition, the bride’s father should be a witness to the marriage. He will come with two male witnesses.

Health considerations are also important. So, a pre-marriage medical exam should be done at a recognized healthcare facility. If a genetic or communicable condition is noticed, the marriage might be suspended.

Facts that couples who want an easy wedding in Dubai should note

Non-Muslim couples who desire an easy wedding in Dubai might see that they have to follow some long routes. Many documents are needed and since the marriage is officiated by Sharia law, couples might have to travel to the family court in Abu Dhabi for a civil marriage.

Why choose Georgia as your wedding destination?

Georgia is a nice place for marriage and that is for many reasons. For one, marriages can be registered within 24 hours in Georgia. Also, a few documents like the passport, birth certificate, and divorce/death certificates from former marriages are required. If they do not want to follow the lengthy processes in Dubai, non-Muslim couples can go to Georgia for a memorable wedding.

If you are an expat who wants to try the option of a wedding in Georgia, you have to consult experts who know about the country. Our able team of experienced experts can guide you. Book a consultation with them.

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