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Abortion in US New Law Vs Georgia?

Abortion in US New Law Vs Georgia?

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There are millennials of countries in which abortion is convicted as a crime based on its legal laws. Whoever do so, that female will address as a murderer. In doing so, the women will get imprisoned.  

We shed the light in this article on the abortion in US new law in comparison to Georgia and how to make your marriage official.

Abortion in US new Law

According to US new law, the trigger ban is implemented in almost 13 cities in the US. According to this recent law, women cannot terminate their children after six weeks of pregnancy. This will come under a crime. If they are still doing it wilfully, whether will get charged a penalty ($100-$1000) or imprisoned for more than 5 years, varying from different cities.

Abortion in Georgia Law

While Roe v. Wade protected abortion in 1972, states have legislated the procedure in many different ways. The laws of Georgia restrict abortions to those under 18 years old without parental consent (unless the procedure is an emergency). Parents must be notified 24 hours in advance, and partial-birth abortions are prohibited unless they are medically necessary.

Performing an abortion legally requires the following steps:

  • A licensed medical doctor must perform this procedure during the first trimester.
  • A medical doctor must perform the procedure in a licensed hospital or health facility after the 1st trimester.
  • The physician and 2 consulting physicians must certify that the surgery is necessary to preserve the mother’s life or health after the second trimester.

Final verdict on Do you know abortion in US new law?

Although, it is quite hectic for mothers to kill a fetus without any reason. Put your worries aside, and turn your way towards Georgia rather than the US. The process of getting a marriage certificate in Georgia takes a couple about 2 weeks after arriving. It is a perfect destination for those who are having unplanned pregnancy.

Looking forward to giving birth to your new one. Solemnize your marriage in Georgia and make it double the celebration.

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