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A close-up comparison of how to get married in the UAE vs Georgia

A close-up comparison of how to get married in the UAE vs Georgia

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The UAE, which consists of seven emirates, is a hotbed for many economic engagements and this is why so many expats seal their marriages in this territory. Couples who look forward to new experiences might want to know how to get married in the UAE and Georgia. These two nations are renowned for their welcoming nature.

If a couple wants to marry in any of the two nations mentioned above, they have to know and keep abreast with the relevant marital requirements. We will look into the marital standards that are obtainable in UAE and Georgia. Couples might also be able to pick out distinct facts that make a wedding in Georgia unique.

Steps for civil marriage in Georgia and the UAE

A civil marriage in Georgia follows some very doable procedures. Often, the couple is required to tender some documents before the marriage court. Also, a marriage fee is to be paid before the processing begins. The groom and his bride need to:

  • Tender their passports
  • Present documents that show that they have no existing marriage. These might include the death certificate of a late couple or the divorce certificate of a former marriage.

If the couple brings all required papers, they will be free to register their marriage. 24 hours is enough time to conclude the steps. Finally, the couple will be given their marriage certificate.

A marriage in UAE is often held by the standards of the Sharia Muslim laws. However, certain emirates accommodate tourists and non-Muslims. Below are some requirements for marriage in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE:

  • The passports of the couple
  • Their emirate’s ID if they have one
  • Death or Divorce certificates from a defunct marriage
  • Birth certificates

There is no need for the approval of the bride’s parents or a prewedding medical test. Temporary and permanent residents can key into this marriage type.

Making the decision of a marriage destination

Ultimately, the decision of where to marry lies with the couple. Having considered how to get married in the UAE, couples can also consider Georgia. Georgia is a popular option because of the interesting mountain environment, easy laws, and temperate weather that make a wedding as smooth as possible.

Couples who want to marry in Georgia will have access to beautiful and affordable hotels from where they can follow through with their marriage arrangements. The process is also time-saving so the couple does not waste their precious time.

If the idea of a wedding in Georgia sounds like something you want to do, book a consultation with our wedding team who will be glad to guide you on the best steps.

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